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Neck Pain Care

Neck Pain Care

Neck pain patho-anatomy

Neck or cervical spine is formed by seven highly mobile cervical vertebras. Except cervical vertebra 1 and 2 all other cervical vertebras are joined by an intervertebral disc. Cervical vertebras are quite small as compared to the weight of the head which it has to carry. As like any machine which has a high mobility with heavy load, cervical spine has a high rate of wear and tear. Usually in fourth and fifth decades of life people experience occasional neck pain on exertion - we commonly name it as Spondylosis. Spondylosis pain may refer along the back of your head, shoulder girdlle. Sometime there is aggravated neck pain along with shoulder blade pain or unilateral arm pain- this might be caused by cervical slip disc. Lower cervical spine most commonly got affected by slip disc.

Prevention good neck posture, breaks in between work, avoiding prolong neck flexion, yoga for neck and upper limb usually improves neck strain.

Treatment when you visit your spine doctor he evaluates your problem clinically and through some investigations like X ray, MRI and treats you according to your problem. It may range from pain medication, exercise to surgical intervention.

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