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Suchitra De

My mother Suchitra De from Khila, Howrah, was suffering from severe Right leg pain. After consulting various doctors we came to meet Dr Susmit Naskar. He listened to my mother's complaints patiently and saw the MRI films. He could at once diagnose this is a case of facetal cyst and explained to us in detail about the benefit of undergoing spine surgery. Very next day after surgery my mother walked without any leg pain and after 10 days I found my mother well and in good condition. The behaviour of Dr Naskar is remarkably well. I wish him good luck for his future.

Suman De (son of Suchitra De)
Narendra Mamgai

Age:24 years
Rank:Navigating Officer(Third Officer)
Profession:Merchant Navy
Company:The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd(A Govt of India Enterprise)
Permanent Address: Vill-Garser,P.O-Baijnath,Dist-Bageshwar,Uttarakhand-263641
Present Address: C/O N.D.Mamgai
Rampur Road,Behind Hyundai Showroom,Haldwani,Dist-Nainital-263139

For almost more than 1.5 month, I had been experiencing severe and debilitating pain in my left lower back, with shooting pain radiating to my left buttock and down my left thigh till my ankles, with tingling sensation.The pain was so terrible that I was unable to stand on my feet and sleep in night with my legs straight.I had limited mobility of my left leg. I visited Fujairah Port Clinic on 16 Oct 2017 for the same and was provided with Diclofenac tab and cream to be applied on the lower Back by Dr Omer.I did the same but all was in vain with pain still growing down day by day to my left leg making my day and night horrible.Finally I signed off at Haldia on 16 Nov 2017 from my ship LPG/C Nanda Devi and was referred to Dr Susmit Naskar,Spine Surgeon at NH Super Speciality Hospital, Howrah through my company The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. I'm so glad! I only wish I had gone there initially, and saved myself from months of discomfort. Dr.Susmit Naskar reviewed my symptoms, MRI, x-rays, and previous report.He was so kind, knowledgeable, and comforting. He answered all my questions and made me feel completely confident and comfortable with my decision to pursue Minimal Invasive Microdiscetomy Surgery for Herniated Disk of L5-S1.Although I was furious to undergo a Spine Surgery considering its future complications but finally after mutually deciding it with my Cousin Dr Urmila Palaria and my Aunt Dr Nirmala Pathak I felt confident to undergo microdiscetomy under the supervision of Dr Susmit Naskar on 20.11.2017 - On November 20,2017 I went through microdiscetomy of L5-S1.My freedom from pain was immediate.I woke from surgery with absolutely no pain but slight tingling sensation still in left ankle. I actually felt so good, I had to remind myself that I had had a surgery. My only ongoing restriction is no bending, and to limit lifting heavy weight for 6 weeks with proper bed rest and physiotherapy.I am highly thankful to Dr Susmit Naskar,a young and confident spine surgeon for treating my severe back pain and giving me a new life to stand back on my feet and walk.I would also like to thank the nursing staff,housekeeping staff and Physiotherapist for due care taken at Hospital.Although I went through many reviews on internet regarding microdiscetomy surgery but till now I would like to sincerely thank Dr Susmit Naskar for treating me so well and let me stand on my feets.

I would like to recommend Dr Susmit Naskar as an excellent,knowledgeable and humble surgeon to each and every one throughout the country for spine and back related problems.I am still amazed to see such a young a knowledgeable surgeon doing such complicated surgeries with absolute perfection.Once again my sincere thanks to Dr Naskar and His team for treating my lower spine back pain to absolute zero.

Narendra Mamgai
Manoj Debnath

My father, Mr. Makhan Lal Debnath (MRN No-17650000044198), was suffering from spinal disorder severely at C3, C4, C5, & C6. His discomfort was annoying. He was experiencing intense pain in his left hand throughout the day and also used to lose his balance while walking. I met with so many doctors and most of them suggested surgery at the earliest.

My father is 78 yrs old. And my primary concern regarding the surgery was the cost involved and his chance of recovery after surgery due to his age. I first came across Dr. Susmit Naskar through the internet and read so many good reviews about him. He was then affiliated with Narayana Suoprspeciality Hospital (NSH), Andul Road, Howrah.

Based on the reputation of NSH, I booked an appointment with Dr. Susmit Naskar. At the very first meet, we were so pleased with his warm welcome and behavior. He was so kind and listened to us patiently and suggested us to go for surgery. He also suggested all sorts of advice  on how to reduce our expenditure. He also confirmed that the patient will get instant relief from his ongoing pain after the surgery. The surgery went over for 6 hrs and was successful. My father was discharged within 3 days of surgery and his is now doing ok.

Dr. Susmit Naskar is kind and helpful. He understands your problems. He has got kind and polite behavior. He is so easily accessible and entertains you by answering all your queries over the phone also. After the surgery when we were at home, he called once and asked for my father's health condition. This was truly unexpected for us. We need more doctors like him and pray for his success in the future.

Thank you, Sir. We are really honored to have you as a doctor.

Mr. Deepak Roy

I was suffering from low back pain and heaviness in my legs since last 1 year. I could barely walk for 10 minutes. I was later diagnosed to have L4-L5 Stenosis. we were planning to go to Chennai for spine surgery when we come across Dr. Susmit Naskar as we were inclined towards minimally invasive spine surgery. Dr. Susmit happens to be one of the best MIS surgeons in eastern India. I underwent MIS spine fixation on 27th December 2018. I could walk very next day without the leg pain. And I was discharged 2 days after the surgery.

I am completely satisfied with the surgical outcome, doctor’s behaviour and value for money. I wish him all the more success.

Mr. Deepak Roy
Shyamal Chandra Goswami

Nationality: Bangladesh
Diagnosis: L4-5 Right Side Slip Disc

After Surgery Video Testimonial:

Pre-op images:

Pre-Op Image 1 - Shyamal
Pre-Op Image 2 - Shyamal
Pre-Op Image 3 - Shyamal

Post-op images:

Post-op Xray - Shyamal
microscopic slipped disc surgery

Post-op walking video:

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